explore how we implemented Agrofel’s cloud business management solution

Industry: agribusiness

Deliverable: implementation of business management solution

Languages + tools: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure

Project duration: 11 months

“Agrofel is now on another level of business continuity, solidity, data security and market differentiation because of the business management solution we implemented. We had high expectations of growth and we were looking for partners who were also growing in technology, so we chose Microsoft and ateliware ”.

Jair Becker | Agrofel’s Director of Information Technology

1 Why?

cloud management solution to grow without hurdles

cloud management solution to grow without hurdles

For over 40 years, Agrofel has been a fundamental partner for rural producers in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil at all stages of production and crop yields, from seeding to harvest.

The existing systems were deemed inappropriate to handle Agrofel's projected growth. They required too much time from the company's teams to operate, distracting its workforce from working towards their strategic objectives.

The search for a technology partner who understood the specific needs of Agrofel with experience in the implementation and customization of Dynamics 365 led Agrofel to choose ateliware.

2 How?

global understanding of the business as a priority

After the project’s discovery phase, where we understood the many peculiarities of Agrofel's business dynamics, we chose to use the cloud functionality of Dynamics 365, through Microsoft Azure, with the advantages of an on-premises deployment. We integrated processes such as billing and inventory with accounting and taxation. We also carried out tests, customizations and other necessary integrations as part of the project.

3 What?

secure and empowering rollout to 36 business units

By the end of the testing period, the newly deployed system went live simultaneously in 36 Agrofel units spread across Rio Grande do Sul, without critical problems. On the same day, all areas involved were already using the new tool.

The migration provided security, solidity and stability to the company's operations. The cloud system provides available and accessible information at all times, something that was fundamental to the customer's needs.

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