understand how we developed Bcredi's robust operating system

Industry: Real Estate Market Fintech

Deliverable: Complete operational system

Languages + tools: Elixir, Phoenix, Google BigQuery, Kubernetes

Project duration: 6 months

"Ateliware’s great triumph is not only their technical quality, but also having a very clear vision of how to start a business with technology. Ateliware’s challenging questions made all the difference and Bcredi’s launch would not be the same without their participation.”

Maria Teresa Fornea | Bcredi's Co-Founder
Case bcredi criado na ateliware

1 Why?

technological challenges to leverage in the fintech market

Case bcredi

Barigui Cia Hipotecária, a financial institution with more than 10 years of experience, was in the process of launching a new fintech business in the credit market for property guarantees and real estate financing - Bcredi.

At the time, Barigui Cia Hipotecária was searching for an external technology supplier in order to solve some of the challenges it faced with its product. It had been working on it for over six months and felt development was not progressing as expected.

Its main goal was to develop the basis of Bcredi’s operating system, a layer that would combine data consolidation with monitoring results. The intention, from the beginning, was to develop a product that could be easily continued by Bcredi’s team, after ateliware’s delivery was concluded.

2 How?

understanding the whole results in the best long-term solution

By the time Bcredi contacted us, it had already started its product development. Bcredi asked ateliware to assess what had been developed, and to act as a consulting partner to help define the next steps of product development. After the assessment period, the product team came to the conclusion that it would be simpler, faster and more future-proof to start the product from scratch with a new application.

After careful consideration, Bcredi decided to entrust ateliware with the delivery of a first MVP within 3 months of work. The delivery was made within the work dynamics that ateliware applies in all of its projects, with fast, testable and functional deliveries.

understanding the whole results in the best long-term solution

3 What?

building a new product collaboratively from scratch

Before ateliware started to work on the project, Bcredi was using a legacy web-service based platform, which managed and stored operational data. This system had issues among other problems and did not allow results to be displayed in dashboards and graphs and made it difficult to extract data for analysis.

In order to start product development anew from scratch, the team needed to design a scalable architecture and define the best path forward for the new Bcredi operating system. Understanding the architecture was vital for the development of the product, seeing as the application automates a very long and complex flow ranging from the initial data entry to the dispensing of funds in credit processing, property guarantees and real estate financing.

Prioritizing speed of development and performance, we chose Elixir as its programming language, Phoenix as a framework, BigQuery for big data storage (which allows for interactive analysis of large data sets) and Kubernetes as an open-source container orchestrator for automation, deployment, scaling and application management.

During the total 6 months of work, Bcredi's experts and the ateliware’s UI and UX development and design teams worked side by side, allowing Bcredi to carry on improving the product without our teams after the initial delivery. Together, we built Bcredi’s operating system, which remains in use to date.

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