minestore: a simple, robust and hassle-free SaaS e-commerce platform

Industry: Retail

Deliverable: SaaS e-commerce platform

Languages + tools: Ruby on Rails, kubernetes, docker and elasticsearch

Project duration: Workshop initiative, now a GetNet solution

"Responding with agility and excellence to the constant changes in the market and consumption has always been our challenge. The result of all this dedication with minestore is the immeasurable learning that we have obtained in the last 5 years as a company and as product developers. Minestore was a school of product development."

Peterson F. dos Santos | CEO

1 Why?

democratizing e-commerce by offering a free online store solution

Ateliware designed and developed Minestore for the general market. Minestore was born in 2014 from ateliware’s desire to create a simple e-commerce platform in order to democratize electronic commerce, allowing shopkeepers to create and manage their own online stores. The goal of the project was to offer a quality platform without monthly fees.

2 How?

scalable with a focus on users: shopkeepers and buyers

The goal during minestore’s development was to create a robust, secure and scalable platform, without limitations and keeping it simple to use. We wanted minestore to fit businesses of different industries, formats and sizes.

We created minestore from scratch, aiming to deliver efficiency, agility and practicality. As result, we added value to the user experience: both the shopkeeper's and the buyer's.

From development, maintenance, carrying out constant improvement and adding new features to successful customer support and service, ateliware developed a complete product that in 2020 was more than ready to reach new heights.

scalable with a focus on users: shopkeepers and buyers

3 What?

a simple, robust and hassle-free SaaS e-commerce platform

Fully-featured, accessible and constantly improving. This is minestore: a SaaS e-commerce platform that has been used by over one hundred thousand small and large retailers and is recognized as an innovator in an established market.

From the onset, minestore was developed to support large transaction volumes and to be the primary tool for businesses new to selling online. We wanted to make sure anyone could start an online store without the need of a developer or designer.

Aiming to help Brazilian entrepreneurs to create a digital presence in a practical, simple and effective way, Getnet - a Santander Group company specialized in digital payment solutions - incorporated, in 2020, minestore in their offerings as their e-commerce solution for small and large businesses alike.

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