pipefy: a lean and functional process and workflow management platform

Industry: Technology

Deliverable: Process management platform

Languages + tools: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React

Project duration: MVP in 3 months

“I found ateliware to be more than a supplier, ateliware is our partner. The partnership is so profound that ateliware is Pipefy’s co-founder and is responsible for putting the product’s MVP on its feet, allowing us to take higher and higher flights."

Alessio Alionço | Pipefy's Founder & CEO

1 Why?

the idea of a platform without complications

the idea of a platform without complications

Our main challenge was to create a workflow management platform that would simplify activities for companies and that would be easy for the end user to understand: unlike anything that could be found in the market.

2 How?

quick delivery and testing of functional versions of the product

One of the things that really made a difference in Pipefy’s success was the rapid development of an extremely functional and well-resolved first version of the product (MVP). This was where ateliware played a fundamental role: small deliveries in extremely short cycles, with a focus on releasing functional versions of the product as soon as possible. Within three months, Pipefy was up and running and had gathered three companies as clients.

This allowed Pipefy to undergo acceleration by 500startups in the Silicon Valley, turning the product into a business, validating its business plan and preparing Pipefy to raise foreign venture capital.


3 What?

a lean and functional workflow and process management platform

Together, ateliware and Pipefy created a streamlined product, increasing agility and efficiency in workflows. The solution has generated great results for Pipefy's clients and end users. With the technology we co-developed, anyone can take control of one’s daily work using a solution that is able to simplify and automate any business process.

Ever since, the platform has grown rapidly, establishing itself as one of the best solutions on the market to manage a business’ processes and workflows. Pipefy is used in over 150 countries by leading companies such as Accenture, Visa, GE, Volvo, AB InBev and Telefónica.

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