we developed sykn: Votorantin’s own telemetry and alert generation system

Industry: Investment management

Deliverable: Telemetry system and machine learning

Project duration: Jan/19 (MVP Apr/19) - in progress

"The challenge of an agile project is to align our daily expectations with the final objective of the project each week or delivery cycle. Ateliware's strength was depth with which they understood the project and the objective of the product, to then be able to suggest the appropriate technical architecture for the development. The experience of creating a product with them has been intense from the point of view of client participation, and innovative in the way of looking at the life cycle of a project".

Irineu Caminho Neto | Loss Prevention Manager at Votorantim S.A.

1 Why?

challenges in controlling a multinational's transactions


Before we started our partnership, the Loss Prevention sector at the Votorantim Center of Excellence had been already using another solution for its internal processes. However, the platform ran into fundamental issues that could not be solved with simple customization. Votorantim had a very clear idea of ​​the challenge they were up to, as well as what would be the best way to solve the problem.

They reached out to ateliware looking for a partner to assist in the entire process of developing a customized software application for all companies in the Votorantim Group. A product 100% focused on generating alerts for transactions suspected of fraud.

2 How?

thorough investigation to deliver the best solution for the business

The first phase of the project lasted three months, with almost half of that time dedicated to discovery and User Experience. Ateliware’s multidisciplinary design and development teams worked together with the Votorantim team to validate the idea, create the value proposal and carry out usability research, with the user always at the center of the solution.

In the second phase, we dedicated our focus to the UI and product concept. At this point, we analyzed and carried out proofs of concept in order to define the best technologies and tools for this specific project. We also developed clickable prototypes and screen designs.

In the third and final phase, build, we had collected enough knowledge and material to develop the backoffice part of the solution. By the end of the project Votorantim had a fully customizable telemetry solution using Machine Learning and Big Data to assist in the analysis and accuracy of transaction information.

Votorantim's increasing maturity in the digital transformation process, together with the experience brought in by ateliware throughout the development life cycle, led to the creation of a new digital product: Sykn, which can easily be applied to other companies facing similar challenges and with the same needs. This meets the ultimate goal of the digital transformation process at Votorantim: not only solving internal challenges, but developing new business models.

“The product concept with an easy and intuitive UX, was born here at Votorantim and ateliware acted as an important partner. Sykn is 100% a Votorantim product and it is already on the market being tested and marketed to companies in different segments, supporting executives in preventing fraud in the areas of procurement, sales, compliance, logistics and human resources, among others, ”says Irineu .


3 What?

Sykn: a SaaS digital product to fight inefficiencies and fraud

Sykn is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution serving companies from multiple market segments.he risk scenario detection method is customizable to the needs of each client, and can be integrated in any underlying business application.

With Sykn, company activities are continuously monitored in real time, 24/7. Sykn employs specific business rules and parameters for automatic identification of loss scenarios through a proprietary algorithm. If a combination of transactions violates any rules, an alert or blocking message is sent to the user before the operation is completed.

Before bringing the product to market, Sykn was implemented and tested internally at different companies within the Votorantim group. In 2019 Votorantim avoided R$ 109 million in losses by using the solution.

Sykn’s differentiating factor lies in the extra support provided by a group of experts in processes and risks. Next to that, clients have access to management dashboards for real-time monitoring of all incidents, simplifying problem diagnosis and allowing for greater agility in decision making.

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