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We work with companies at all stages of the digital transformation process - from problem identification and validation to solution creation and implementation. We are experts in a variety of tools and methodologies to rapidly co-create the best digital solution for you. Our Product Teams are ready to solve a specific problem, improve existing products or develop new ones. We build with and for you, because we believe that creating collaboratively is imperative to building successful products and businesses.

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We transform and streamline businesses, enabling innovation and growth through the co-creation of bespoke software. The transparent way we work makes our customers great partners. Our focus is to together with you, create the best solution for your challenges. We augment your knowledge and the intellectual property belongs to your company.

We are ready to help at all stages of the development of a successful product, be it in a mobile application (web, hybrid or native), web development or desktop development:


We follow an agile and flexible working model. Considering the speed at which the world and markets change, we service short and long term goals co-creating collaboratively with our clients. For this reason, we always start product creation with the discovery stage, which is where we can look at the big picture (market, businesses, users and technologies). Our experience shows that research and discovery are cornerstones of a digital product and crucial steps to the following stages of our methodology: product concept and build.

This methodology allows us to test, discuss and adapt to possible changes in an agile manner, always aiming at delivering the best result. It is worth mentioning that the development of a product does not happen linearly between the steps nor does it follow a "cake recipe". Each product is unique and we can revisit steps whenever necessary in order to achieve more adequate results.




validate your investment and your product's potential

By conducting research, our Design & Development teams identify whether building a solution is really worth the time and resources that will be invested. At this stage we have a more complete understanding of the problem from the eyes of those who will effectively use the product: the users. Having this validation prepares the ground to find innovative solutions. This phase is composed by 4 workshops.

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product concept

product concept

create functional and amazing experiences for the user

Building a successful product by looking at the whole and not just individual screens and flows is what will set your product apart from the market. Offering a great user experience is what our product teams have in mind at every stage of product development.

In addition to the entire design process, we perform technical and feasibility analyses, proofs of concept and also define the initial functionalities, delivery estimates and the necessary budget for the next phase: the build.

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transform your ideas into reality

Mobile applications (web, hybrid and native), web and desktop development. By developing a product from scratch or enhancing an existing one, our product teams can help you. We work with fast and functional deliveries (MVP), ready user testing. After all, innovation and transformation require flexibility and agility to walk hand in hand with the speed with which changes in the world occur.

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we provide with extensive experience and knowledge

We use and master the best languages and tools to build your product. See what they are and who uses them too:
    • Ruby - Twitter, Github and Basecamp.
    • Elixir - Pinterest, Slack and WhatsApp.
    • Python - Google, Netflix and Dropbox.
    • React - Facebook, Airbnb and Instagram.
    • React Native - Facebook, Airbnb and Tesla.
    • Flutter - Google, Alibaba and Nubank.
    • Dynamics 365 - Hitachi, Natuzzi Italia and Pandora.

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