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Our business is to make your business thrive by creating the best product possible, your product. We co-create, but don't co-own any part of the solutions we build together. Our product development teams are ready to co-create and pass the baton of the product to your team. We are here to help foster innovation and unlock growth.

- mobile application (web, hybrid or native);

- web development;

- desktop development;

- API integration and development;

- special projects.

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fast and functional deliverables

MVP - Minimum Viable Product is the smallest and simplest version of a product. Ateliware focuses on delivering features in small increments, ready for testing and with the potential to create business value with each delivery. This model grants us constant and quick feedback which allows for improvement, changes and even discovering new possibilities that can increase the solution's value.



web and desktop development

Allow your business to grow exponentially through a new or improved web application. Join forces with our team to empower your team and add speed and quality to your product. We will use the best language and tools for your application, be Ruby on Rails, Elixir, React, Python or Node.JS.

mobile application

Transform the way you present and offer your product or business to your customers and employees. We design, build, replicate and improve iOS and Android mobile apps using native technologies or hybrid platforms ​​like React Native and Flutter. Whether you are an established company or a startup, we are ready to help you.





integrations and APIs

Your application needs to be connected to the world. Make integration endpoints available to your customers and partners and do not miss out on great business opportunities. We are prepared to follow best practices in security, authentication, authorization and versioning of the integration interfaces (APIs).

turning challenges into products

We like to say that we work with products, not projects. Different from a project, typically consisting of a closed scope, a product is a living and breathing solution and intellectual property of our customers. The work happens through the hands of our specialized product teams, but with full involvement and participation by the client. This makes all the difference in the quality of delivery and the success of the product.

startups, corporations - you

From ideation, to effective solution development, we are ready to help you grow. We co-create with you in order to mitigate risks, make your operations smarter, and ultimately deliver robust, easy-to-use, design-oriented products and technical solutions that make a lasting impact from the first delivery.

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