gain market insights and develop the right solution

The first step in developing a product is to research and understand how the market related to your product is performing. We then proceed to validate whether there is a real challenge and whether the investment is worthy. We want to streamline businesses with successful, user-centric solutions - and we have all the tools and are the right experts for it!

Duration: average of 4 weeks

Team: design + development + customer

Methodologies: 4 workshops: initiation, opportunity, ideation and product.

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design features and validate ideas with agility

With the discovery stage we reduce the risk of developing a product that is not fit for neither the market nor your company’s challenges. It is at this stage that we quickly validate features, flows and concepts, thus optimizing your investment. We augment your expertise with our technology and software development know-how, verifying assumptions in all products to be developed.

We recommend this service to anyone who already has or is considering developing a product, and wants to ensure their investment will lead to concrete results. The discovery phase consists of 4 workshops (initiation, opportunity, ideation and product) that work both in sequence and independently.



initiation workshop

In this workshop we define the ultimate goal for the product. We map out the real problem to be solved, the real needs of the users and the market, who the audience is, as well as the value expected from developing the solution.

opportunity workshop

Once the problem is mapped out and the audience is defined, we proceed to determine what to develop in order to determine what is worth to be developed. We analyze the business context and identify market opportunities that align with the expected time and investment. To be able to do this, we define our users, create their journeys and raise all possibilities available that are aligned with the ultimate goal.





ideation workshop

During the ideation workshop, we will work together to define, using data and analysis techniques, what is essential for the product. In this phase, we brainstorm the solution, build the user flow and validate features, flows and structures. At the end of this process we take a step back, and ensure the functionalities identified are directly related to the problems and opportunities raised in the previous stages. We also confirm whether the user follows the expected behavior and if the structure enables them to achieve their goals.

product workshop

With all the material we developed, it is time to define the initial roadmap for the product, as well as its MVP (Minimum viable product). We build wireframes and consolidate the action plan for the next stages: product concept and build.



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