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design as a cornerstone for your product’s success

Create incredible, attractive and functional user experiences. Design is an enabler of your product’s success, increasing user retention. We will define, structure, prototype, test and refine the interactions users will experience when using the product. The development team will be present throughout the entire process to guarantee the viability and economic efficiency of implementing the solutions designed, and to be able to gear up faster for an agile and accurate build stage.

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design oriented team

We design software centered around the user, creating highly usable and accessible products by focusing on their needs . The design and development teams work together, with special care and attention to the big picture, and not only the individual flows, wireframes, mockups and screens.

from start to finish a continuous design strategy

Once the discovery phase is completed, we proceed with the following steps:

UX (User Experience)

  • design thinking;
  • user flow;
  • usability test;
  • user surveys (qualitative and quantitative).

UI (User Interface)

  • information Architecture;
  • universal design (accessibility);
  • visual design (guideline and style guide);
  • interaction design.

Design Implementation

  • design system;
  • wireframes, mockups and prototypes;
  • technical validations.

want to improve your product?

Are usage and user retention not going as planned? Bring inconsistencies to an end.

We analyze solutions as a whole and apply usability tests to find and define areas that need UX and UI improvements in your product.

from product creation to branding

Our product teams adapt our process according to your users' needs as well as the product’s. Our designers are ready to help you at every stage, including brand building, if necessary.

Looking at the strategy as a whole, we help you find the right positioning in the market for your product. Working closely with your marketing teams, we engage to create successful products and brands.

focused on building with agility

Our design teams work in complete harmony with development. We not only deliver the mockups for the product, we also validate the viability of it being built with developers.

We complete this phase with a high degree of certainty on how the build phase will look like. We create a WBS (work breakdown structure - process of subdividing deliveries into smaller components) and estimate time and budget for the development of the complete solution.

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